For Her

Mocketing - For HerCritical Unity, for her! The same as the regular Critical Unity products, but this time they’re pink! Delicate enough for the fragile sensibilities of a modern lady and three times the normal price!

It also comes in amaranth, cherry, cherry blossom, coral, salmon, french rose, lavender rose, normal rose, fuchsia, magenta, bright pink, dark pink, deep pink, ultra pink, and mauve.


Mocketing - PerfumeLuxurious. Timeless. Elegant. Look at these pictures of painfully thin, moody-looking teenage models posing with excessive awkwardness and forced sensuality. Your life could be this glamorous today… If you wear Eau De Critical Unity. Unavailable at all locations.

Hand Soap

Mocketing - Hand soapCritical Unity highly-irritating liquid hand soap. Smells like dead grandmother! Comes in a delightful shade of intestine pink. Available at every public restroom.

Here are some highly convincing testimonials:

“It feels just like a thousand mosquito bites in between my fingers!”
“How is it possible for soap to make me feel more dirty?”
“I feel like vomiting whenever I put my hands near my face!”

Sport Sedan

Mocketing - SedanCue classical music to give the impression of sophistication. A car races down a winding coastline road heading towards a beach or a winery or just away from your job, responsibilities, and anything that has ever mildly irritated you.

The new and improved 2015 Critical Unity sport sedan.