Critical Unity is a Vancouver, BC indie and alternative-rock duo. Biting social commentary coupled with a riveting musical blend are trademarks of this sister-brother duo made up of Objeckt 1 (voice and piano) and Product A (guitar).

Witty and sharp-tongued lyrics targeting social norms, gender roles, consumerism, and a longing for personal space are hallmarks of this up and coming sibling duo. Add bounding piano, whirling guitar licks and riffs, painted over drums that fill the horizon like a rolling hillside, and the result is a picturesque and abstract musical visualization. With their tongue-in-cheek sense of humour and furious sonic qualities this brother/sister duo will challenge you to question the world around you.

Critical Unity often draws comparisons to Florence + the Machine , the Jezebels, Regina Spektor, or Tori Amos due to Objeckt 1’s clean voice. However, with a many garage and indie rock influences, Critical Unity’s music is a bit heavier and more hard-edged than singer songwriter fare without losing its melodic core. Delicate vocals and sweet harmonies easily combine with ripping guitar solos, noisy feedback, and quirky piano riffs for a very listenable and fascinating ride.

Critical Unity’s political commentary extends outside of the music. The two founding musicians of the band began using the stage names Objeckt 1 (piano and voice) and Product A (guitar) as a critique of capitalist culture and its dehumanization of the person. This was a deliberate reference to a rich musical heritage of stage names which appropriate, repurpose, and critique the hallmarks and emblems of capitalism (for example, Poly Styrene of X-Ray Specs and Palmolive of the Slits).

The influences of punk, contemporary classical music, and all sorts of alt and indie rock are evident throughout their carefully considered personas. These stage names and personas are another layer in the contradiction of deeply personal lyrics and vulnerability presented in combination with secrecy and a desire to transcend the limitations of personal ego.

Critical Unity had its beginnings when vocalist and pianist Objeckt 1 suffered a concussion. Her brother, Product A, stepped in to help her and they began jamming together regularly as they had when they were teenagers.

Objeckt 1 is a classically-trained pianist and vocalist who spent much of her youth singing in choirs and her teenage years creating nostalgic, lo-fi home recordings with tinny-sounding guitars. Product A is a guitar player with an ever-growing collection of world music instruments and is in constant search of the right sound. He has a broad musical palate and is influenced by many diverse genres, instrument timbres, varieties of acoustic spaces, and different styles of folk music from the world over. He often climbs trees and plays the mandolin in them.

Objeckt 1 (1)